Girls’ Guide to Mauritius

Mauritius (more-ee-shus) is a wonderful little island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar. It’s known for its beaches, luxury villas, lagoons, and reefs. The mountainous interior includes Black River Gorges National Park, with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails, and wildlife. A very safe and welcoming country, it’s a superb place for a trip with the girls. What the small nation might not be known for though is the incredibly kind, multicultural people, with backgrounds from India, China, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Mauritius has been a diverse country for centuries and when the colonists arrived from France and England they added even more cultural significance to this melange of people. Nowadays there are nearly twenty holidays per year for all cultures and all are officially recognized by the government. Mauritians speak an average of three or four languages so finding someone to talk with will always be easy. The people alone are the main reason why you should visit. Let’s get into the other reasons.

Caudan Waterfront Shopping Mall in Port Louis

The oldest shopping center in Mauritius, the Caudan Waterfront, is, as the name says, on the waterfront harbor in Port Louis. A lively place and a favorite for the locals. Boutique stores, high-end shops, restaurants, hotels, a cinema, and much more. An idyllic place to spend a girl’s weekend shopping, dining, and entertaining.

The Caudan Waterfront is a pleasant place to take a stroll, have some of the freshest seafood for lunch, or some very tasty gelato. It is also one of the most popular Instagram locations in Port Louis. The umbrella-covered promenade draws cameras from all over the world and the umbrellas change color depending on the seasons.

Tamarind Falls

Seven waterfalls flow into the river Tamarin. It’s located in a beautiful canyon on the southwest part of the island, not far from the Black River Gorges National Park. The area has many waterfalls, some with deeper ponds where you can swim. Various hiking tours are also available. Some tours are just a couple of hours, while some go deeper into the canyon and can take the whole day. So gather the girls and spend a day outdoors.

Château de Labourdonnais

A beautiful restored Victorian mansion on a sugarcane plantation now serves as a museum. Located in the district of Mapou in the North of the island. It’s just a thirty minute drive from the idyllic beaches. An afternoon at the chateau is a must because of how much there is to learn, see and do. They spared no details with the design of this old house, its antique furniture and interiors are in their original set-up. Definitely, try the rum tasting at the bar in the beautiful courtyard and while you are there have dinner at La Table du Chateau restaurant. Plan accordingly because a visit with a meal, rum tasting with the girls, and a promenade through the museum and gardens can take around three hours. So maybe don’t bring, you know who because she is always late.

Mauritius Villas

So after all this talk of discovering Mauritius with the ladies, galavanting around the island in your hired Rage Rover, where is there to sleep at night? The answer is your own private luxury villa. Get one with multiple bedrooms for all the gals. Spend your holiday in a Mauritius villa and feel like a pampered pop star. Gorgeous views, luxurious pools, and amenities for days! Exclusively for your group to keep the party going!

World Class Dining

Fortunately Mauritius has an extraordinarily multi-cultural culinary background. The island offers diverse food from Asia, India, and Europe. No, by that we do not mean they have a McDonalds, Curry Express and Kungfu Chicken. We mean families have been cooking food from their home countries here in restaurants for generations. Chinese style street noodles, French cuisine, real dishes from all over India, it’s all here and it’s all the local food.

Of course if you want good food and an experience get the she-wolf pack together for a dinner cruise. Enjoy views of the sea cliffs and tropical birds, admire the northern isles coastline while you all enjoy delightful appetisers, snacks, drinks, and a full barbeque dinner.

Sail off into the sunset aboard a luxury catamaran with cocktail in hand and your besties by your side. Pods of dolphins might join you on your journey while you watch the coast pass by. Then the boat will anchor in a beautiful secluded cove while the crew prepares dinner. Can you think of a better way to spend the evening?