6 Apartment Amenities Everyone Needs

Your 2 bedroom suite in Singapore is not just a place for staying. It should also have amenities that add enjoyment to the overall experience. If you happen to be looking for a short term apartment rental, watch out for these features. Here is a list for everyone in the real estate market.


Today’s age of mobile devices and digital communication can be demanding. Every Orchard serviced apartment should have wifi connection, working spaces, and charging stations in public areas. Look for these features if you are a working professional.


Laundry is a necessary chore because we wear clothes almost every day. A long-term and staycation apartment in Singapore should have this feature because everyone needs them. Also, the facility should be spacious and have the best washing machine systems.


Living in the city can be overwhelming because of the missing natural spaces. Real estate developers nowadays add this feature for the sustainability and convenience of homeowners. One example would be pocket gardens and jogging paths with beautiful plants.


Every service apartment and staycation unit in Singapore should have a fitness centre that caters to active individuals. While these are not full-fledged gyms, they should have regular exercise machines and a decent collection of weights.


Look for this amenity, whether you have a car or not. A parking space at an Orchard serviced apartment is not only for tenants but visitors as well. The area should also be secure and safe from petty crimes.


Things can get pretty lonely. Having a community area can help people, even those who do not like socialisation that much. Who knows, you might meet a lifelong friend during your short term apartment rental.

Those are the features of a good staycation and long-term apartment. Contact Great World Serviced Apartments for your lodging needs.