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Car Leasing Schemes In Singapore: Where Customers Go Wrong

A long term car rental contract in Singapore is a commitment that requires your responsibility and accountability for your actions. That means returning the vehicle in pristine condition, filling the gas tank to replace what you have consumed, and abiding by all terms and conditions set by the company.

Be a responsible car leasing customer, and avoid making these mistakes for your safety.


Some car leasing contracts in Singapore stipulate rules and regulations about who can drive the car and other limitations. One mistake people often make is engaging in unauthorised use or anything outside the scope of their usage terms. You avoid this at all costs because they have consequences on your end.


There is a good reason most countries have laws regarding the consumption of alcohol and driving, and some people are still guilty of using their vehicles under the influence due to different circumstances. Think of the car rental company in Singapore when you are about to engage in this misdemeanour. Is it worth risking? No.


A vehicle rental companyrequires their customers to fill the tank right after using the car. It is a standard-operation procedure to ensure the company is not losing anything and the client abides by their rules. After the contract, go to the nearby gas station, and you can also ask them to check the tires.


A cheap van rental plan in Singapore does not mean you can abuse the car and subject it to the usual wear and tear. Of course, returning them with scuffs and scratches is a big no-no because the vehicle rental companydoes not claim liability if it’s the customer’s fault.

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