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+What is Travelheyday all about?

Travelheyday is an online travel portal that provides information about tourist location in all parts of the world. The portal acts as a travel companion by providing suggestions on the cheapest air tickets and hotels available to your favourite destination. We also provide you with the best days to travel along with the connecting airports. The sole purpose of the website is to be a one-stop-solution for all your travel needs.

+What is the motive behind Travelheyday?

The motive is to help the UK population to connect with the famous destinations and tourist spots of the world and help them plan their travel less expensive. This will eventually improve tourism from UK to other parts of the world. The ‘all-in-one’ is the idea behind the website.

+How does this site differ from other travel websites?

The website is totally free to use and there are no hidden charges. You can compare flight charges and plan your travel efficiently. Right from flight services to hotels and connecting airports, you have all details available for your holiday plan in a single website.

+Can I book my flights and accommodations in the website?

Since this is a free information website there is no booking option available and there is no hidden charge of any kind. We redirect you to third party booking sites based on your search criteria.

+Can I find details of any country that I wish to fly?

You can find information on majority of the destinations. We are always updating new places. Check it often to find the place of your choice.

+As a regular traveller, I already have a travel agent working for me, how do I benefit from this portal?

Your travel agent may be connected to limited number of airlines service providers and accommodation providers. But we offer comparisons between a huge number of airlines and hotels. Our quick comparison finder tool gives you the best tickets and days to plan your travel in an instant.

+What about the cancellations- can I expect a refund?

Our website does not sell any tickets or book any tickets, so, there are no cancellations. There is no need of money transactions too.

+Will I get junk mails if I sign up for the offers in the website?

All members will be notified of updates and addition of new places in the website. We do not encourage junk mails; we are interested in updating our viewer base with the latest deals on travel and other attractive seasonal offers from various service providers. However members can always unsubscribe to our newsletters and other notifications by clicking the unsubscribe button in the mail.

+What ranges of hotels are offered to compare in the site?

All ranges of hotels are available for comparison. You are free to type in your choice of budget and class and find the hotels best suitable to your pocket.

+Am I charged any additional fee if the book my flights through this website?

There is no booking in the website and there are no hidden charges as well.

+How do you suggest the top destinations around the world?

We have an internal team that finds the best destinations based on researches and surveys. We always welcome your suggestions and we believe there is always room for improvement.

+How do I know about the latest offers in the website?

Visit our website frequently. Subscribe for our newsletters for periodical updates or shoot a mail to the admin of the website.

+Do I need to visit the website regularly to know about the latest deals?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our website any time. We also send periodical updates and latest deals through emails to every subscribed member through newsletters.

+What if I do not find the city or country of my choice in the website?

We have taken enough measures to display the most number of countries and cities throughout the world that are popular in terms of attractions, events and best offers. We regret the inconvenience if you couldn’t find the city or country of your choice in the website. However you can mail us on your requirement, so that we can fetch you the best deals available for your choice. Moreover we also add the destination of your choice to our database, as that could be of use to other travellers looking for the same destination.

+Can I find accommodations with double and multiple rooms in the website?

You have the option to choose between adults, children and infants; based on your preferences the site displays the available hotels with single, double or multiple rooms.

+Can I find business class accommodations in the website?

Yes, you can search for business class accommodations in the website. We furnish the best results as per your needs and budget.

+Are the booking engines and online travel agents I am directed to dependable?

Travelheyday is a travel portal that redirects you to hundreds of booking websites being it flight service providers or hotel search engines. Our ultimate aim is to be a one stop solution for our viewers. We do not indulge in the booking between viewers and travel agents or service providers; thereby we do not take responsibility of any transaction processes outside the website. But to offer a hassle-free experience to our viewers we undertake a thorough background verification and internal screening of the companies and ensure that we display only the booking engines and online travel agents that are dependable. However Travelheyday advises its viewers to take a thorough research on the booking engine’s performance and rating before they start with booking.

+Is food a part of my hotel booking?

Travelheyday is not a booking engine, we redirect you to the booking engine or website of the concerned online travel agent or service provider you choose. Also Travelheyday does not take the responsibility for any money transactions or bookings happening in third party sites. Hotel booking and food accompanied is solely the traveller’s responsibility.