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Popular Airports Worldwide

London airports, Manchester airports, Birmingham airports and so on… International airports across continents or simply finding an airport in the middle of your travel, Travelheyday provides details on airports both domestic and international with locations, routes, departures and arrivals information. Click here to know more…
Airports worldwide connected at a single point!

Airport parking

Airport parking also matters. Short term and long term parking information should be part of a traveler’s vocabulary. In Manchester, there are six kinds of airport parking options. In Edinburg however, there are three parking options: fast track, short term and long term. It’s good to be well informed!
Parking maps are available as well with tips and rates!

Access to food

Airports has a number options of eating outlets to choose from. But as one switches between terminals, it is convenient to eat close to the next terminal. At Travelheyday, just select the airport, arriving terminal and departure terminal, and it will generate the closest amenities available to enjoy.
We travel that extra mile to keep you comfortable!

Layover idea search

Got a layover at an airport? We have a number of ideas on how to kill time. Travelheyday is stocked on different activities including a short trip a transiting passenger can take during his layover time anywhere in the world, so that you utilize every hour of your trip . Do you have a 9 hour layover at Nairobi? We know what you can do.
Jet lag is prohibited at Travelheyday!

Browse airports

Got a change in flight over your honeymoon? Find out which honeymoon destination is closest to the Airport. How to choose airports when there are more than one? Need to find a decent place to eat before you switch terminals? Travelheyday does not only help you choose your vacation havens but also helps you browse through airports with guidelines to make the right choice.
Search and compare before you settle on!

Airport details and guidelines

The difference between an experienced flyer and a first time flyer is the number of airport jargons the former knows. Sometimes people are simply lost in airports because they found the language just too hard to understand. With information, guidelines and warnings ahead of time, even a first time flyer can pull off as an experienced one. That’s right! He just needs to know a few tidbits.

Some of the things a traveler needs to know may be as follows

There are several more. Travelers generally know much less than they should. Travelheyday is here to provide all the necessary information on any given airport including, amenities information, parking information, security and baggage information, layover ideas, terminal and location maps, arrival and departure information, airport hotel information and much more.

Someone who does not know that for example, London Heathrow Airport has five terminals may miss his/her flight by getting lost. Travelheyday’s terminal map with shortest directions and passenger movers’ information could have definitely helped. As you browse through these pages, you will find more and more resources to ease your travel.

All you have to do is choose the airport and we will tell you what you need to know…

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